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The Story

Hi there! My name's Cathie & I'm so glad you're here! Auntie Cathie's Bakery & Roadside Stand was born back in 2005 when I decided it was time to start my own business doing what I, baking and spending time with the people who enjoyed what I fed them! Starting out with nothing but a card table, a beach umbrella and a sandwich board sign by the side of the road, and growing into a farm stand after my card table blew away, it all went up from there.

In 2008, Auntie Cathie's Kitchen was booming in my little barn by the side of the road in Wales, MA,  and I was yearning for a little more. After delving into the world of Gluten Free baking, we were becoming very well known. I landed a job with a place in Springfield, baking all of their allergy-free cakes, and upon the recommendation of a friend, I was directed to 3 Café for breakfast, which I found closed and for sale when I arrived there. The rest, they say, well... that's history. And now as the former chef and owner, 3 Cafe will always be in my heart!


 And so, after a few crazy years of many personal changes, let's come to the present!
Life brought me over to "West Side" to bake and make good food for everyone once more as Auntie Cathie's Kitchen. And on the way here, I learned how important it is to keep things simple and most of all, to be humbled by all of the good that has come to me, including all of the wonderful people who have supported and followed me through all of this.
I still say "Sharing food is an act of love"...and as always, I invite you to feel loved.
                                                                                         Auntie Cathie
Auntie Cathie's Kitchen - C. Cappa
Auntie Cathie's Kitchen - Blueberry
Auntie Cathie's Kitchen - C. Cappa
Auntie Cathie's Kitchen - Pancakes
Auntie Cathie's Kitchen - Lunch
Auntie Cathie's Kitchen - C. Cappa
Auntie Cathie's Kitchen - Wrap
Auntie Cathie's Kitchen - C. Cappa
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